Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you use to manufacture your goods?

I have partnered with WHCC based out of Eagan, MN in the US, as they provide a vast selection of production capabilities with an excellent environmental harm reduction philosophy to all aspects of their operations, making products purchased from me more sustainably-created than from competing production facilities.

How long does it take to process my order?

In order to ensure the highest quality and best colour matching of your selected image to the desired format and media, I hold all purchases for a maximum of three days in order to ensure the correct colour space, cropping, and target paper types are selected for the image to ensure the product you receive from my fulfilment processor meets the quality standards you would expect for a fine art product.

Can I request a custom order?

If you find you're looking to have one of my images made to a custom specification that is not provided by my current production partner, please reach out to me directly with the particulars of your order request using the "Contact Me" message option under the My Links section, to see what I can do for you!

What is the technical quality of the images?

All my images are captured at resolutions of no less than 35 megapixels, and are all shot in 14-bit RAW using the Adobe RGB colour space for maximum fidelity and accuracy. The images fully support all sizes listed as available by my production processor in the store.

Do you use any form of upsampling for large print jobs?

Yes, if a customer orders a maximum-size product of one of my images, I work with the lab during the 3-day hold period to optimize the file to each order. If the lab determines additional resolution is recommended/required to meet the production quality standards, the file will be upscaled, by me personally, using one of the top-end AI-based upsampling tools on the market, and tested with the lab to ensure it meets all my production standards prior to processing the order.

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