Nature doesn't need Sky Replacements

Nature is a beautiful, wondrous, breathtaking, and sometimes dangerous spectacle to behold, without the need for any enhancement.

With all the fakery and trickery we are exposed to on a daily basis, I want my imagery to showcase the natural beauty and power of our world the way that it is, without the need to dress it up with anything synthetic.

I'm a professional Portrait, Travel and Nature photographer located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, in the great Pacific Northwest.

From capturing ones' beauty and essence in a meaningful and professional portrait, to documenting life in the urban centres of society, to getting out and exploring the great PNW and all the natural beauty it has to offer, I go wherever there's a story to be told that can only be spoken with a photograph...


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with technology, and when my dad let me use his Canon FTb 35mm film camera, that was the moment sparking a journey…

When digital cameras became a reality, this was the trigger to finally get into photography!

Since then, I’ve immersed myself in landscape, urban, travel, and portraiture photography, seeking to explore the intricacy of light, and how it shapes ever facet of a scene.

Throughout this journey, I’ve met many fascinating and creative souls, and ventured to many beautiful locations, telling their visual stories.

My work has been featured on various local online tourism outlets and used in fashion designer online product stores.


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to have a business headshot taken for your company site, a personal portrait to showcase on social media, or to document your travels in this world, photography is the language spoken when words fail us…

To write that visual story, my view is the photographer and client have to communicate as closely as possible, collaborating on all aspects of the story to be written, to make sure the outcome will be a joyous illustration of this visual language.

My Clients

I’ve had the fortune of working with many talented people over the last several years, doing both personal and commercial projects, such as Mimountino Designs and working on the fashion catalogue images for their online store.

I’m currently open to working on new commercial and portrait projects.

Drop me a line and let’s make a visual story together!